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Wow. Somehow I keep forgetting that I have a deviantart account.

Heads up - I'll likely be putting a bunch of stuff in my gallery in an "old pics" folder, and uploading a whoooollle buncha new stuff! I'm hoping to post more here, purely because I like having the gallery to look back on and see improvements.

How have folks been doing? Y'all alright?

Edit: Hooo-boy. Alrighty! I've uploaded a bunch of newer stuff so that the gallery is kiiind of up to date? It's obviously not got everything that I've been doing, but at least it has some of the stuff that I actually like in it. I'll try to be more active from now on! I've put all of my old stuff in scraps so that they're no cluttering up the gallery.

Oh! Before I forget, if you'd rather follow me on tumblr, I have a different registered domain, which is here: Hanan Draws.